2 Feb 2017

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Portable

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended is the ultimate solution for advanced digital imaging.

Feature :

  • - Delivering all the capabilities of Photoshop CS5 plus breakthrough tools that let you create and edit 3D and motion-based content. 
  • - Go beyond traditional image editing by bringing 3D elements to your 2D artwork directly within your favorite digital imaging application 
  • - Digital imaging applications, which now offers an easy on-ramp to 3D image creation. 
  • - Accelerate your workflow with fast performance on 64-bit hardware systems, 
  • - And access your assets in the context of what you're working on by using the customizable Adobe Mini Bridge panel in Photoshop. 
  • - Smoother interactions thanks to GPU acceleration, and dozens of time-savers throughout the application.

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